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Who Smells?

>> Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It’s just a fact of life in my house- sometimes there are smells. I have a dog, two kids and a husband. I like to cook with garlic. Smells happen. And when you have guests in your home (as we often do) you want to make sure not to repel them with the odor of last nights dinner or wet dog.

I bring this up because I saw that Renuzit® TriScents is having a $20,000 Transform Your Home promotion.

If I had $20,000 I would redo the master bathroom in a heart beat. Our house was built about 10 years go by people who had very definite ideas about decorating. Much of which doesn’t really fit my taste. The wallpaper is hand painted (why?) with flecks of maroon and evergreen. The edging is a quite ugly geometric-ish pattern and all the gold trim just screams “cheap plastic painted gold” to me. (No, that's not a water stain at the back, it's just very shadowed there.)

And then there’s this:

Now, I appreciate the privacy of the “throne room” but there isn’t suitable ventilation because the ceiling is so high. And since Brenna has begun using our bathroom when she poos (not to mention the person who’s feet you see there) I really would like to not gag when I enter the bathroom.

This is a fun contest because it requires a bit of creativity on your part- you write a story and show some photos to explain why you need a home makeover and how Renuzit® TriScents can help. Then, beginning May 8, voting will begin to pick the winner. You can find all the official rules on the website.

To get started head on over to TriScents.com and download the coupon for a TriScents starter kit- just click and print. Take a bit of time, try it, let the fresh scents fill you with inspiration and then enter to win

Go ahead and give it a try. We all have something smelly in our house- why not make it smell better and take a chance? I know I have readers who are quite witty (I read your comments & blogs!) so give it a shot!


That Girl 9:54 PM  

*sniff* Hope you win it...
My bathroom is the worst. We moved in here in July and never smelled it, but it slowly crept in once her air fresheners had diffused. It's something like old urine. We've yet to figure out why, but we suspect it's coming from under the house. Nothing else stinks. You can put your nose on every inch of the surfaces in that bathroom and never smell a thing, even the toilet and the surrounding area. I've sniffed everything. Big D's been under the house smelling the dirt, but no obvious urine odor. It disappears in the winter, then comes back in the warmer weather. I'm disgusted and mad that they didn't tell us, but you know what? when I sell this old house, you can bet I'll have some plug ins and I'm not sayin a word!

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