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It's All So Exciting

>> Monday, April 21, 2008

The beds arrived today and, by the way Brenna is bouncing off the walls with excitement, you would think it was Christmas.

While she was in school today Caelan and I shopped for new comforters and sheets.

I only got the Tinkerbell comforters and 1 pillow case for each bed. Not sheets or other Tink goodies (I'm mean like that). Just plain sheets (1 light green set and 1 white).

I was just upstairs with the girls trying to clean and arrange the room so we can fit in a twin bed and trundle along with the crib and toddler bed. It's not going to leave a lot of room... I am considering just getting rid of the toddler bed all together as I figure Caelan will probably want to sleep in the trundle, anyway. She hasn't spent the night in a "real" bed yet, which is why the crib will stay until she lets us know she's done with it. (I figure it will be gone by the weekend. Anyone want to weigh in on this?)

I also realized, as I was trying to clean, that Brenna is way too excited to keep still while Doug & I attempt to assemble the bed.

Oh, yeah, that could be bad for our marriage. So I put in a call to my brother. I'm bribing him with BBQ so he will help.

The mattresses just arrived. Brenna is beside herself with excitement and Caelan is feeding off her. It's gonna be a long afternoon....


Unknown 8:30 PM  

I remember the day that we brought home my girls "big" girl beds. They were so excited, and so in the way!

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