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So Far So Good (This Will Probably Curse It)

>> Thursday, April 24, 2008

The girls have actually been amusing themselves rather well today. Right now they are upstairs in their room playing. (OK, Brenna just announced that she is going poopie, so I have to go monitor the wiping. She tends to clog the toilet.)

Ok, both girls have poo'd for the day and I'm back... Let's see how I'm doing on my list...

  • Baking brownies for small church group tonight
  • At least 2 loads of laundry (one in dryer, another washing)
  • I must shower (and shave my legs). Think there's a chance I can do it alone? YES! A shower by myself! Now I'm all smooth!
  • Figure out what an embroidery sewing machine is worth (my step mother just had to have it, then never used it and left it when she left) and list it on Craig's List
  • I am in charge of our church's nursery. I need to get to work on May's schedule as well as reminding people that they are helping this weekend.
  • Amusing two little girls who will be stuck inside all day due to nasty, rainy weather. They seem to be doing quite a good job of this all by themselves. And soon it will be "quiet time".
  • And I want to get to a couple of garage sales that start today. Brenna could use some summer clothes and I am frugal. SIL just called. They will be here about 2:30 and my brother is off work today (rain day) so he can watch kids! Yea!
  • I still have to finish my blogging seminar talk, get stuff printed and find out if my laptop will connect to the wireless network where I'm teaching. Yeah, this will happen during quiet time...

Hmmm, not too bad... So what am I doing here? What can I say? It's an addiction...

PS Have you entered Scrap Bribing this month? The link is at the top of the website--


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