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It's On My List

>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

I have family vacations planned for years to come. There are so many places to visit, so many adventures to have. It’s lucky I am that Doug enjoys the journey and the destination as much as I do. We would be a bad match without that love of travel.

It would be ironic, then, if our girls were to say to us one day, “Seriously? Another vacation? Can’t we just stay home?” Surely that won’t happen if we keep it fun, right?

A must-do on my list is, of course, the Grand Canyon. This one will have to wait as I want to do it “right” with camping and hiking- and the girls will have to be able to carry their own stuff for that.

I’ve been checking out PygmyGuides.com, a Grand Canyon tours, hiking and camping company, to see just what they have (besides some really amazing photos).

Their site is information on steroids. You get everything but the experience. From intros of all their guides to the stuff they supply (and you’ll be packing) you’ll be ready to go the minute you arrive at the Grand Canyon.

From single day Grand Canyon tour hikes to overnight backpacking trips Pygmy Guides has got it covered. Their testimonial page is full of satisfied customers. In about 10 years I plan to be one of them.


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