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I Love Free Bloggy Goodies

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So, I’m busy… I’ve been working on getting Ireland info onto my travel blog, I’ve got a new recipe to add to the recipe blog, I try to keep the geek blog updated, Brenna and Caelan are actively giving me blog fodder (and messes to clean, tears to dry and boo-boos to kiss) and I am working on the blogging presentation I am giving in two weeks.

When I agreed to teach blogging I was thinking in practicality- it’s easy, right? Well, I’ll be talking to women who don’t even know what a blog is. Which takes me from the bare basics clear through all those helpful applications we all use like second nature.

So I’m cruising through the internet looking for fun stuff to share and I found Zookoda.com. Designed specifically for bloggers, Zookoda sends a summary of your blog posts directly to your visitors’ inbox.

And that’s only the beginning…

You can design a sign up form to match your blog.
You can custom design your newsletter to match your blog.
You can schedule when your newsletters go out (daily, weekly, monthly).
You can view real time bounce, click and unsubscribe reports.
Oh, and it’s free.

I can see this feature being especially nice on my recipe and travel blogs which I only update a few times a week. It would let people know I have new content up and, in theory, bring up my visitor numbers.

I can also see this being a great tool for new bloggers. You easily build an email list of friends and relatives and, voilà!, instant readership.

It’s a very cool tool so be sure to watch for it on my blogs (oh, don’t worry, I’ll be pointing it out to you!) and go check it out for yours. If you add it I’ll sign up!
Sponsored by Zookoda


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