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I May Be Crafty But I Can't Do This...

>> Friday, April 18, 2008

I enjoy gtting flowers- who doesn't?- but I can never get them to look good in a vase! How do the designers get them to look so nicely spaced? And just how do I use that flower food?

Well, Proflowers has a really handy video on how to arrange fresh roses. Did you know roses have protective outer petals? Yep, you remove them to get a full bloom. And they even mentioned the flower food!

You can follow the link above or just check it out here:


Jennifer 8:38 PM  

Did you also know that if you place pennies in the bottom of the vase of tulips they will stand up straight?

It's true! My MIL does it and her flowers are nice and straight, not flopping over the rim.

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