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More on Ireland...

>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

My most recent posts take you to Killarney. We were there three days so there is much to share... Look for at least 3 more posts from Killarney alone before I move on to the west.

There's also a post up about the English Market in Cork and the great restaurant upstairs that uses items only from the market in their menu. YUM!

Why not take a little trip with me and visit my travel blog? Just begin at the top and scroll down.

You'll get a sponsorship pop-up. If you're feeling really generous go ahead and nominate HKWT for best travel blog. Then just close the pop-up and read.

I also added that gizmo I told you about the other day so you can get emailed newsletters directly into your inbox so you won't miss a bit of my travels and other fun stuff going on over there. It's just there on the left... It says Subscribe to My Newsletter. I know... How original.


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