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Quiet Today

>> Friday, April 04, 2008

Well, not really quiet per say as the girls are very active. They just went upstairs to their room, have turned on the Backyardigans CD and are dancing (bouncing and jumping, actually).

By quiet I mean that we have no place to be and nothing that must be done. Our day will be filled with laundry and making cookies for tomorrow. Of course we will eat a few ourselves because they have peanut butter and melted chocolate. Not likely to be resisted in this house.

The snow from yesterday should be gone soon leaving a muddy mess in our yard. I am hoping the meteorologists are right and we actually reach our high tomorrow of 66 so the girls can get outside and Doug & I can clean the garage tomorrow afternoon.

Other than that I hope to get my post about Kilkenney Castle and Jerpoint Abbey done and get a few bills paid.

Oh, today feels good...


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