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Just Another Day

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The girls are playing oh-so-nicely in the other room and I am trying to figure out what needs to be done today.

Let's see...

  • laundry (it never ends)
  • check internet connection at local school for my blogging presentation on Saturday
  • finish post about Killarney National park and Muckross on my travel blog
  • clean living room and kitchen (and hope it mostly stays that way) for Thursday mom's group
  • make 2 pans of veggie enchiladas (a new recipe); one to eat tonight, one to freeze
  • write a note and/or make a card for Doug's dad's birthday/Father's Day gifts
  • make an appointment to have my eyebrows waxed
  • call esthetician- questions about the acne drugs. Yep, drugs. Bah!

I finished my bloggy talk and had Doug read through it. I think it will be good. I have my page of notes as well as a hand-out they can refer to at home. It turned out much longer than I planned- I may not have time to cover it all. If you're interested in seeing what I'm handing out leave a comment and I'll email it to you. It's way too much to put on here.

Is there more? Probably. Can I remember it now? Not a chance.


Doug Halsted 10:37 AM  

You did a good job Babe!

Melody 9:44 PM  

I would love to see what you are handing out. You were such an awesome help to me when I switched my domain name.

The Fritz Facts 7:32 AM  

I would love to see what you are bringing to your presentation.

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