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In Islamic Countries...

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Under Islamic law, women are not allowed out of the house by themselves. If a woman is traveling by herself, it is assumed that she is a prostitute. Think about that for a second and then read what happened to someone whose fantasy of Islam met reality.

I wanted to add my two cents to this little piece that Doug dropped in yesterday because I just don't think this story will get much publicity.

This woman was hitchhiking across Turkey wearing a wedding dress to promote world peace. She was murdered and her body was found hidden along the road like a piece of trash.

I can only imagine that, had her journey been a success, her story would be turned in to a movie and we would all be hearing about how good all people are if they are only given a chance.

Well, all people are not good. You cannot make them good simply by giving them the chance. There are awful people out there who will kill you for your religion, your sex or the color of your skin. Playing nice and trying to appease them only makes them see you as weak and stupid.

Can we stop being weak and stupid now?


Jody 11:33 AM  

Unfortunately this will not get the coverage it so deserves. Not everyone has the same tolerance for foreigners- or women.

As tragic as this is it's her own fault.

Bubbi 5:16 AM  

Thanks for posting the story--she bought the lie.
A comment was left that says it all:

"Imagine the horror at the realization that she was wrong and that the lies that she believed had allowed her to go past the point that she would need to stop at for her safety. Also imagine the horror at the realization that the people who lied to her wouldn't pay for the lies, but that she would pay for her stupidity in believing the lies."

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