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I'm Down With OCD

>> Friday, April 11, 2008

About two years ago Doug, Brenna & I went to a silent auction for a little girl who had cancer of the brain stem. It was heartbreaking as she had a 5% chance of survival- and she was a twin. So we bid on a lot of stuff. And we won a lot of stuff.

One of the greatest things we got was this hand made wooden kitchen set. This set was well-loved before we got it. It has been well loved in our home and it is so sturdy that I'm sure it will last through many more children before it has cooked it's last meal.

Brenna and Caelan can spend hours "cooking" and having tea parties. It's really very sweet to listen to them through the monitor as they play together.

It's also a bit difficult for me to hear the pots crash and the toys hit the wall as they make a huge mess. I'm more of a "use what you need and put it away when you're done" kind of girl.

About once a week I get a chance to clean the toy room without it being destroyed immediately. If anyone is with me I usually get hassled a bit about how I do it.

Looks good, doesn't it? Everything put neatly away. Apron hanging, sweet little chef's hat gently placed on top of the pantry waiting to be worn again.

Everything nicely organized. Plates and bowls stacked, utensils together...

Fresh fruits and veggies separated from all the other groceries...

Yes, I separate the "fresh" items from the other stuff. Doesn't everyone?

No? Well then surely you set the table for tea and cookies?

Yes, I really do this. Yes, I do this in front of other people. Yes, I get laughed at. Alot.


Bear Bites 4:54 AM  

Wow! It's not just me! I do the same thing with Miss Lilly's Kitchen. And tea set. And dollhouse. And bookshelves.....

Birdie/That Girl 10:53 PM  

I'm down wid dat too babe..

Jennifer 6:00 AM  

Well they can laugh at me too, because I do the same thing. AND just yesterday I put all of Megan's clothes away according to colour!

Tamara 8:59 AM  

you are ridiculous... and I'm exactly the same way!

Marie 6:40 AM  

WOW! It never occurred to me to organize all of that. I will not post a pic of our play kitchen. Everything is heaved "wherever." I do sort trains and tracks, and sometimes Playmobil & Little People, but that's about it.

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