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>> Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well, it's technically "nice" out today. The temperature is in the mid-60s and ths sun is hazy through the high clouds.


Of course there's a but...

The winds are strong enough to blow a shopping cart through a parking lot. With a small child in it. (Yes it was my cart and my child. I was unloading the cart and the wind blew it uphill into the truck.)

So we are stuck inside today as anything we want to do outdoors would get blown away. Which is ok because the house needs cleaned in preparation for Mom's Group tomorrow.

How much "help" do you think I'll have? I only hope they think cleaning is fun when they are old enough to do a good job...


Sally 12:41 PM  

The wind is miserable here today, too. Makes the 76 degree temps not even matter. I hope it dies down soon.

Kyle Lobner 12:58 PM  

I've got the windows open here and it's nice, but it has already taken its toll on one of my "children," an 18-inch tall avocado tree got knocked over because I left it directly in the breeze.

The Fritz Facts 2:21 PM  

It is windy as all get out here too. It was yesterday as well. We drove by a playground that was under construction, and Boo thought the wind had blown it down. It also doesn't help when Boo had a tornado drill last week, so she thinks a tornado is coming. Lovely.

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