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Author! Author!

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I know bloggers who will say that they have no desire to be an author. I guess I don’t really understand that because what is a blog other than a whole lot of really short stories? Granted they may just be about life or your thoughts but we all try to keep them entertaining and to keep our readers coming back. If that’s not an author what is?

I make no secret about wanting to, someday, publish and actual book. Time seems to be my biggest enemy. Well, that and the whole marketing thing. Self Publishing is getting bigger all the time, though, and I found a company called WordClay that has a DIY step-by-step publishing wizard that allows you to work a bit at a time, save what you’ve done and continue later.

Because life doesn’t stop for your dreams- you have to make your dreams fit your life.


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