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>> Thursday, April 10, 2008

I cannot believe it is cold and raining AGAIN! And the weather report is calling for snow again on Saturday. What happened to global warming? I want me some warm!!!

ALong with the grey and rain comes... Nothing. No deep thoughts, no inspiration, no funny stories from the girls because the weather is beginning to get to them, too.

We walked to the park yesterday and played for a short time. It was windy and there was a chill in the air but we had to get out before I went crazy.

Which makes me think of summer... So let's just do this:

With the kids out of school do you adjust your schedule? I'm thinking of setting up a bit of "schooling" for the girls here at home this summer. One day with a "field trip", another working with letters (Caelan) and reading small words (Brenna), another with numbers and addition... Just for short periods of time.

What do you do in the summer to keep the kids minds active?


The Fritz Facts 8:02 PM  

Since Hunter started school 6 years ago we have had a summer plan. He has struggled with math, so there is always some math invovled. The reading part of the day is the easiest part, since he loves to read. We have 45 minutes each day that is strictly work books and math sheets, and then at least 30 minutes of reading each day (7 days a week). Once we have that done, the day is free. Him mom runs a daycare, so he is home during the day with her, and when he is at our house the same time applies. This has helped so much, as we use jump start books (getting ready for the next grade) as well as refresher books.

With Boo she has always been in daycare where they do something everyday. This year she is going to be staying with friends three days a week, so I will be brining work books for her to work on. It keeps the mind sharp!!

Birdie/That Girl 1:43 AM  

nothing - isn't hat terrible? My kids are avid readers on their own though, so that's nothign I have to work with them on -thankfully!
We usually end up playing, going to amusement parks, working around the house or being lazy -then starting school and wishing we'd studied math facts or something.

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