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I Just Want to Cut the Damn Things Off...

>> Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Two weeks ago I ordered a swimsuit that I was very excited about. It was a cute two piece: a tankini with underwire support, a halter top and a swim skirt. It was in great bright colors and I couldn't wait to get it.

It came today and I just want to cry. Every piece of it has to be returned. Well, I could keep the bottom- it fit ok. But the tops... I just don't get why swimsuit manufacturers think that all women who wear a big cup size must have breasts that stand up by themselves. Why would you make a swimsuit in a size E or above with teeny, tiny straps? I don't care what kind of support you have in there, nothing is staying where it should with stretchy little straps. If course the cups were too small in the size 16 tops. I knew they would be too big around the rib cage (and the tankini too long)- but I could have had that taken in. Cups that are too small there's nothing you can do about but send them back.

Seriously... I just want to sob. And go to DQ to drown myself in fudge sauce. What's the use of working to keep the rest of me in shape if I can't wear a freakin' swimsuit? The smaller the rest of me gets the larger my cup size because my bQQbs don't shrink.

Those of you with "normal" bQQbs just have no idea haw difficult life is with anything over a D cup. It's almost like you're a freak of nature.

It's times like this that I really contemplate reduction surgery. Just to a D... That's 4 cup sizes smaller than I am now...

I just feel so hideous right now. Depressed. Really, I just want to cry.


Birdie 9:37 PM  

If you cut some off do you think someone could transplant them on me?? *L*
Let's see...that last time I found a bathing suit that fit me right....hmmm....nope, I can't remember. My problem is on the other end of the extreme. I'm a 36 AA. After nursing two babies, my perky girls deflated to my shagrin. My only flicker of hope are those occasional monthly occurances when they decide to inflate once again. That's when I fit in my properly almost.
I can't even find a bra that fits much less a bathing suit. There isn't a 36 AA out there that I've found. The best I can do is in the little girl's dept and the cups are still too big because they are small A cups. Don't even get me started on jeans.
It's not our fault. Our bodies are beautiful. It's not our bodies that are the problem, it's the clothes.

Anonymous 10:10 PM  

I know a couple of ladies who've done the reduction surgery and were thrilled with the results. I know in one case her insurance paid for it, back problems, etc...and I'm with That Girl on the jeans, finding those that fit are a nightmare and just when you find some they discontinue them and change the style and fit somehow.

Blog Author 7:28 AM  

Just come over to my house and cry...

Then after a good cry we'll go out for smoothies. :)

Chris, Renae & Annie 9:06 AM  

I'll go to DQ with you. I'm a DD and it's tough enough to find anything that fits and supports well. I keep hearing about this great shop in KC - a friend who is an HHH goes there and gets great custom-made stuff - intimate stuff and swimsuits alike. Want to make a road trip?

The Fritz Facts 8:16 PM  

Oh how I feel your pain. I have shopped for a swim suit in 4 years for the EXACT same reason. It isn't easy, and people think little skinny straps should work...sorry not going to happen.
I have had good luck at Lane Bryant for suits. I am not a fan of their clothes, but their suits seem to understand what busty ladies need.
I have conteplated breast reduction surgery, and know three people that have done it with fabulous results. One went from a EE to a large C, she is the happiest ever! I will wait until we have one more child, then maybe think about it more.
DQ...I will meet you there!!

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