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Hello, Bloggers! It's 2:18am!

>> Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yep, here I am again at an hour of the night when all sane people are sleeping. Look where that leaves me...

When I was in my early 20s I went through a bout of insomnia- that's when I started working two jobs because I figured if I was going to be up I might as well work. :)

So that's what I'll do now... Since nothing else works (no, not the praying and meditation, not the Tylenol PM, not even counting sheep) I have decided that this must be time God is giving me to get things done and I can relax during the day. Maybe not the ideal situation but until I sleep through the night I guess I'll just go with it.

**Updated at 3:44am... OK, my Kilkenny Castle post is up. Seems I can get quite a bit done at 2 am... I just have a video to add. Not sure how I didn't get it loaded with the others...


Birdie 8:44 AM  

That's my favorite time to work. I love to have time alone at night. It's uninterrupted. Hope you do get some sleep though. I gotta get off my butt and get this office painted!

The Fritz Facts 9:42 AM  

My hubby works overnights, so when he first switched, I had issues sleeping. I would get so much done in the hours between 11-4. It was fabulous. However, after two months I was back on schedule and things fell to the side. Maybe insomnia is what I need....

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