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No More Fighting the Hose

>> Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well, as soon as it quits raining here it will be time for Doug to pull out the garden hoses. Except for one. One hose will mysteriously disappear this year. I hate that hose… It’s impossible to loop back around, no matter what I do it goes the other way. If I try to let it lead it loops around me. I think it may be part snake.

So this hose will mysteriously disappear and I will replace it (before Doug does) and get what I want: a No-CRANK self winding hose. I’m gonna sign up for the No-Crank Rewards Program, get a code so I can save $$ at Garden-Gadget.com and get a hose that I don’t have to wind.

And you're all gonna be jealous... OK, OK, so you can join the No-Crank Rewards Program, too. Just don't forget who sent ya there...


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