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At the End of Just Another Day

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well, let's see how I did today, shall we?

  • laundry (it never ends) Or maybe I just never do it. Nope, it's still in the laundry basket.
  • check internet connection at local school for my blogging presentation on Saturday I went to check the connection only to find out that it went down right after I got the email saying I could come check it. They think it may be the server so I need to set up the laptop to connect to Doug's cell phone. Great fun.
  • finish post about Killarney National park and Muckross on my travel blog Still working on it. Seems I have a lot to say.
  • clean living room and kitchen (and hope it mostly stays that way) for Thursday mom's group Well, toys got picked up twice. And they are back out again. And I can guarantee that my kitchen won't get mopped tomorrow.
  • make 2 pans of veggie enchiladas (a new recipe); one to eat tonight, one to freeze Yea! I did this! And it was GOOD!! I'll have to share the recipe soon. Maybe I'll remember to take a photo when I have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
  • write a note and/or make a card for Doug's dad's birthday/Father's Day gifts Didn't do this, either. But I did make a gorgeous Mother's Day card for my mom. No, I can't share it- she reads the blog.
  • make an appointment to have my eyebrows waxed Really should have done this. Maybe I'll just stop in someplace tomorrow & see if they can fit me in.
  • call esthetician- questions about the acne drugs. Yep, drugs. Bah! Still need to make this call...

Sooo... What did I do today? **Well, I got to shower- alone, no less- which is a great achievement. **I read a few blogs- and even made some comments! **The girls and I took a walk, read books and played pick-up-toys, toss-toys-around-again. Twice. **I actually used our weight machine. **We all played a board game and the girls had a bath and stories before bed.

I guess the important things got done.


The Fritz Facts 7:36 AM  

The important things are done...the rest is a bonus. You got more done than I normally do.

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