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I'm Craving

>> Friday, April 25, 2008

Wednesday morning Caelan and I were at the grocery store picking up just a few items. The fresh fruits and veggies are directly beside the Chinese food. OK, so it's pseudo Chinese food, but still...

It was 9:30 am so, of course, there was no hot food in the steam warmers but that didn't stop me from practically tasting the orange chicken. Mmmm...

Now it's Friday and I am still thinking of Chinese food. Alot.

So I am trying to decide if I should just give in to my craving, go get some Chinese and savor it slowly, stopping when I am full or if I should just eat what I have in the house, fighting this craving with nothing satisifying me so I stuff myself in the process.

Think I just talked myself in to a trip to the store...

Which reminds me-I forgot to pack Doug's lunch this morning. I bet he'll go out for Thai...

So the girls and I went to Hy Vee and had lunch. Brenna wanted to eat there... So we did. They were quite good. The problem with eating there is that the girls tend to take longer than I do to eat (there is so much to see, you know) that I ate too much. I wish they had half size portions... I should have asked them to box half of it immediately. Back to the I Can Make You Thin show... I have it saved on TiVo. Oh, yes, I knew better than to erase it.


Jennifer 10:56 AM  

Always better to give in to the craving to satisfy yourself, because like you said, you'll end up eating everything else around.

Doug Halsted 11:36 AM  

I was thinking about that...but I can wait and we can go tonight. I love you THAT much!


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