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Does Hy Vee Give a Plastic Bag Bonus?

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm just curious...

I had a few items that we needed before my big shopping trip next week. Milk, fruit, veggies, Mikes Light Cranberry Lemonade... You know, essentials.

Things were hectic trying to get out of the house this morning and I forgot my shopping bags. You all remember my IKEA reuseable shopping bags, right? Love them.

Anyway, I forgot them. And, boy, did I regret it. Because my groceries (4 items which I requested not be bagged; one was anyway) came home in 10 plastic bags. Yep, 10. I only had 18 items, and three weren't bagged.

So, again I ask, does Hy Vee give their employees a plastic bag bonus? Do they have a prize for wasting plastic bags? Because, quite honestly, I can do a better job of baggin groceries. Granted, I used to do it in high school- but these people are doing it now.

I can't tell you how many times I have called my local Hy Vee to complain about the bagging of my groceries (today my yogurts were all on top of a bag of cereal). I know they are getting sick of it. But so am I.

Pretty soon I'm just gonna deal with all the dirty looks and bag my own stinkin' groceries.


Fantastagirl 9:56 PM  

If you think Hy-Vee does a bad job bagging - try shopping at a Fare*way.

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