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Where Have I Been?

>> Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OK, my day is more than half gone and I haven't even said hello? What is wrong with me? How rude!

Well, if you must know, I've been busy since about 6am. Kids, husband, life... Sometimes it just gets in the way of blogging...

This morning was spent running errands while Brenna was at school. Caelan accompanied me on outings to my church's office (to have stuff printed for my bloggy talk), Peel's (for hairspray and styling creme, wholesale), Target, the bike shop (to drop off Brenna's two-wheeler that I picked up at a garage sale last year for $15. It's a Trek. New tires are necessary and I'm sure the chain needs oiled or something.) and a quick stop at a salon for an eyebrow wax.

Then home for lunch and laundry (a load done and another in the wash) then quiet time.

I actually finished my newest post on Killarney, about Killarney National Park, Muckross House, Friary & Traditional Farms. It's a long post with quite a few pictures and a couple of videos. If you go over don't forget to click the Blogger's Choice Awards button on the left and vote for me!!

And now quiet time is almost over. I have to stop by the church office and pick up the copies they made for me, finish a load of laundry, walk to the park with the girls and get the pork chops in some marinade. We're grilling tonight.


The Fritz Facts 8:47 PM  

You had a busy day.

I wish grilling was here tonight. Especially since it is supposed to rain all weekend long. So much fun with kids...

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