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Just So Diego Knows...

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brenna enjoys Dora and Diego- like practically every other child her age, I'm sure.

And, like practiclly all children her age she answers the questions they ask.

But, do other children have "conversations" with Dora or Diego on TV?


Diego asked this morning about trains, "The animals are getting on trains and going to their homes. Do you like trains?"

To which Brenna replied, "Yes, I like trains... But I really want to go back to Ireland."

Looks like Doug & I should get busy...


Cindy 11:24 AM  

Ha, that girl has a one track mind :)

Jen H 10:07 PM  

She told me last night that she went to Ireland. Like I didn't know...Definitely her Mommy's child.

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