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Childhood Memories Impact My Life Even Today

>> Friday, April 04, 2008

I remember the Christmas my mom and dad bought themselves a Grandfather Clock. It was something they saved for for a very long time as we just didn’t have money for something so frivolous. It was cherished by both of my parents and when they divorced I remember how sad she was when my dad got the clock in the settlement.

After many, many years and much browsing of grandfather clocks my mom finally bought a new one. It stands prominently in her front room and is the first thing your eye goes to as you enter the room.

Our home would be perfect for a grandfather clock. We have tall ceilings and a rather large house. When I’m moving furniture around I often wonder just where I would put one. Surely I would have to get rid of something… Probably some piece of artwork…

Sometimes, just for fun, I will browse the Howard Miller grandfather clocks. They’re just so stately and look like they would really provide impact to our entry way. Or maybe our dining room? There’s not a good spot in the living room… Oh, where would I put it?


The Fritz Facts 8:09 PM  

I am the same way about the hutch my mom has. It was always there, and they saved for two years to get it. It is gorgeous, even now. I can't wait to have the room for one, and to save for it the same way.

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