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And So It Goes

>> Monday, April 07, 2008

I had big plans to work on the Kilkenney Castle bit over at my travel blog but an email from Budget Travel changed that. It seems that they really liked my input and wanted more specifics. So I just spent almost an hour responding to them.

And now Caelan is crying. She hasn't been asleep an hour yet... And she's so tired. And Brenna only has half an hour of quiet time left- not enough to get much done.

I've been dragging and tagging stuff for the upcoming garage sale. I'm hoping to get Doug to part with some paintings he purchased once upon a time on eBay (for pennies) that have been lounging in our closets because we don't have space to hang them. Some aren't even stretched and mounted yet. sigh He won't part with them... I'm afraid to even ask...

OK, Caelan is still crying... Must go...


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