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I Miss You

>> Thursday, April 03, 2008

It has been a year since I found out my friend E passed away. I'm not really sure what day she died as her husband was out of town and didn't find her until he got home. It could have been the first or second of April.

She was unconventionally beautiful inside and out. Her life seemed to be heading in the right direction- she had almost finished filming a horror flick with a reputable company in Minneapolis. She had a husband who really loved her. She had an amazing artistic talent and a quick, dry wit. I loved her so very much. She called herself my "creepy girl".

Looking at her photos still makes me cry. I can't believe she is gone.

Although I think the photo above is beautiful this is how I remember her- happy, always hugging someone (in this case my friend Gina at our wedding reception) and sparkling.

It still hurts as much today as it did the day I found out.


Jennifer 8:26 AM  

wow has it really been a year already?

Sorry.... hugs to you

The Kept Woman 3:09 PM  

I have no words...I remember you talking about her...((hugs))

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