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Look Good, Do Good

>> Sunday, April 13, 2008

Design magazines have a tendency to make me cringe. So often rooms just feel overdone and I wonder who lives in them- and how. I guess that I am of a mind that more isn’t better- it’s just more. I love a simple design, some nice art on the walls and one or two pieces in a room that draw the eye and create instant interest.

There are some amazing suede pots at www.JacarandaStyle.com - Unique Home Accents & Fine Gifts that are hand-stitched with hand beaded “necklaces”. Absolutely stunning. This is the kind of piece that draws people to it and makes them ask questions.

And then you can tell them about how Jacaranda Style returns a portion of their profits to the communities of their South African artisans as well as donating funds to the Ethembeni School for Disabled Youth, also in South Africa.

An item from Jacaranda Style not only looks good, it does good.

Sponsored by JacarandaStyle


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