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So... If You're Voting Based on Race or Gender This Should Interest You

>> Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Voting based completely on race or gender is just stupid. You are completely overlooking qualifications by doing so, yet that seems to be the case when many are asked. Voting for the "First African American President" or voting for the "First Female President" (which she wouldn't really be except in name- Edith Wilson actually ran the country in 1919-1920 as well as acting as her husband's primary advisor. Did I mention she opposed suffrage?) seems to be the first reason given, not policies.

So if you're voting that way maybe this will sway you: Condoleezza Rice may be open to the VP nod. Not only is she one of the smartest minds in DC she's African American AND a woman.

Now before you say something silly like "But she wouldn't be president" think about this. We've all seen photos of Bill Clinton and GW Bush when they took office and at the end of their terms. They both aged considerably. The stress of the job ages you. John McCain is 72- it could, very possibly, kill him. Which means that Condi would then be president which would make her the first African American president AND the first female president (see above).

So let's all get on the bandwagon of Condi! Because, quite honestly, I think she's more qualified than any of the actual candidates.


Tamara 1:19 PM  

you're funny... you and Ryan think too much alike!

Sally 5:25 PM  

Amen, sister! Let's hope it goes this way.

That Girl 5:39 PM  

yeah, I'd vote for Condi! I think...
haven't heard the nitty gritty on her views presidentially speaking, but how on earth can she be worse than the rest?

An Iowa Mom 7:00 PM  

I would have to agree.

Cindy 11:50 PM  

I was hoping for Romney, but I could be perfectly happy with Condi as #2!

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