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Don't Just Mug Your Mug

>> Thursday, April 24, 2008

The list of items you can put a photo on is growing. I found a site called Seacheez.com that has expanded personalized picture gifts to include items like can coolers, candles, note cubes and quilt squares.

I’m happy to see the new items as I’m running out of gift ideas for all those grandmas and grandpas. We can only give them so many photo mugs.

Saecheeze.com is really easy to use- choose your image, choose your item and edit until it looks right. And the items are affordable.

I’m really impressed with the idea of quilt squares. With the size of my family (if I could get photos of everyone) I could make a family quilt for my grandmother for Christmas. She would love it… I, of course, would have to learn how to make a quilt…

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