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>> Friday, April 11, 2008

While browsing through my long list of bloggy friends I have noticed a recurring theme. The theme, of course, is money and how to bring in some income while you’re at home with the kids.

Well, my friends, let me introduce you to something that I am lucky enough to be involved with now. It’s called SocialSpark. Social Spark is coming from a company I have become very fond of- IZEA.

I’ve been working with IZEA for about a year now and have had the opportunity to earn some great money, just for writing on my blog. You’re interested, yes?

SocialSpark has a whole lotta love for Mommy Bloggers. Why? Because Mommy Bloggers are on the tip of practically everything. During the course of a day we are limo drivers, chefs, nurses, hairdressers, maids, child care professionals, teachers, wardrobe stylists and business partners. If you have a question who do you go to first? Yep, Mommy. Mommy’s talk and people listen.

SocialSpark not only gives you the chance to learn about products but to actually connect with the advertisers in a social setting. You can contact an advertiser in the system if you are interested in learning more about them or if you are already a fan of their product.

SocialSpark also gives you a chance to get to know other bloggers in the community and take part in message boards as well as email them easily.

SocialSpark will be releasing soon so be sure to sign up today so you can begin right away!
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