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11 Days til T-day...

>> Thursday, April 03, 2008

As a small business operator I know that being your own boss is a double edged sword. Sure, you can set your own hours and you don’t have to ask for time off but the accounting –especially if you aren’t accountant minded (which I’m not)- can be a great pain in the rear. Just recently Doug & I decided to change our health insurance from an expensive HMO to an HSA. Financially a wise choice- but the accounting that goes with it… Some of it is beyond me. And I won’t even go in to our taxes.

At the end of last year I started asking every small business owner I knew who they recommended as an accountant. It took quite a while for me to find the perfect fit.

A new website, LocalAccountantNetwork.com, strives to make that search just a bit easier. They have an easy questionnaire to help you find and choose accountants in your area.

Tax day is coming up so if you’ve been putting it off because you just don’t know who to go to give this a try. Because you pay a fee to defer your filing date…


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