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Lounging by the Creek

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We’re going to have a beautiful day today. 76 and sunny, according to the weather report. Unfortunately this beautiful day will be followed by storms and nasty weather. Which will be adding water to our already swollen creek. Which will add to the erosion and crumbling of the creek banks. Which is just going to make the cost of the repairs that much more.


On the up side of our creek erosion and terraced flower garden sliding down the hill (yeah, I have to find a silver lining where I can) when the repairs are done we will have a lovely creek-side patio.

And if I can still afford to feed my family after the expense we’ll be undertaking (man, am I scared of the cost) then hopefully I will also be able to afford to put patio furniture on the patio. I recently found a site called beFurnished.com with lovely teak tables, lounge chairs and benches. I like the teak because it can take the weather changes we have here and will last more than a couple of seasons.

So, hopefully, at this time next year I will be telling you that I am pulling out the patio furniture for the patio on such a nice day. Maybe I’ll invite you all over for margaritas and tapas beside the creek.


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