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>> Thursday, April 24, 2008

My SIL and I hit 4 garage sales in a bit less than an hour. I really like it when neighbors plan their sales for the same time. Makes it so convenient...

I was able to pick up a few clothes for Brenna (and a pair of crocs which she has been wanting since last summer and instantly put on her feet) for about $15. Name brand stuff in great condition...

But what I really scored on were the learning toys. I got 2 Leap Pads (the ones that fold around the books) and 5 books for $10. Brenna informed me that Caelan will like the blue one, so she (Brenna) will use the pink. So good of her, isn't it? I also got an infant Leap Pad and 3 book sets for another $10. We love learning toys here- and these work great in the car.
And for Doug I got an antique camping table. It has bench seats that fold up into the table, then the table folds in half and becomes it's own carrying case. Got that for $10, too. Pretty nifty, no?

Now I'm not one of those who "brakes" for garage sales, I'm pretty picky about where I visit. I check out the ads for specific things. If an ad says kids clothes I won't go, they need to list sizes. And I don't go to sales on the south east side of town. I'm a garage sale snob.

Anyone else hit any good sales yet?


Marie 6:45 PM  

Sweet! We're just getting started here too. I haven't bought a Leap Frog book yet but think that would be a hit here too. Tomorrow will probably be my first day out at the sales... though I did hit an awesome church rummage sale a few weeks ago. Scored a beautiful Columbia winter coat for my son for $3. It'll be a couple of years before it fits, but I couldn't pass it up!

Tamara 9:07 AM  

This frugal mommy would love to know about some local garage sales. My kids NEED clothes majorly right now but I just don't have the budget to even shop the sale rack at my favorite stores!

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