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Can Oprah Say God?

>> Thursday, April 03, 2008

So, during my sleepless time last night (yes, Merrit, I will try a Tylenol PM before I go to bed tonight- I almost fell asleep at Bible study tonight) I watched yesterday's Oprah.

Now I don't watch Oprah unless there is something interesting on; Dr Oz or Suze Orman usually. Yesterday's show had on the families who wrote the book Mistaken Identity (There is a video on this link. It explains the story better than I could in writing so go over and check it out. And there's an excerp here. Then come back and we'll talk some more. I'll wait.)

It's a story that breaks your heart. I was really struck by their amazing trust in God and their belief in Jesus that they said pulled them through all the unimaginable trauma.

But what stuck out at me was the fact that Oprah only said "faith". Not Faith in God or Faith in Christ. Just faith. And she looked uncomfortable when they spoke of God and quoted scripture. Did anyone else notice that?

I'm not sure about her beliefs. Her show has many new age gurus appearing, such as Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukav, Iyanla Vanzant, Eckhart Tolle, Shirley MacLaine, and Sophy Burnham. In fact she is currently "teaching" Eckhart Tolle's newest book (which I haven't read except in excerp) which felt very "new agey" to me.

Or maybe she avoids saying God as to not isolate a demographic? But if you deny God can you really say that you trust God?

In fact on a taping of her show she once said, “I was raised a Baptist and we were too hung up on traditional ways. I was sitting in church and heard that
God is a jealous God. I asked ‘Why?’ Come on—let’s get over it!”

Did she not understand that it was meant that God is jealous if you worship other idols? God is jealous over YOU, not over any thing but over false worship.

Well, I didn't mean to get all preachy on this... Just wondered if anyone else who happened to see that episode had the same thoughts?


Bear Bites 1:08 AM  

Oprah is a false prophet who cannot speak the name of our Lord God. Hubby and I noticed that over a decade ago. I can no longer stand to watch her work her "magic" on millions.
Mother Theresa - now there was a woman of God who did more for this world than Oprah ever will.

This Mom 8:45 AM  

I noticed the exact same thing. I was very humbled by those families who were able to praise God thanks to (and in spite of, for the one family) what happened. They took the proverbial silver lining from this dark storm cloud and taught us all an important lesson.

Oprah, in my opinion, is not a Christian. When someone changes their beliefs and way of thinking based on who they are talking to, it sounds like she's embarrassed to say it.

While I applaud the things she has done and the causes she supports, she has changed so much from the woman she used to be. I think her glamour and fame have finally caught up with her ego.

Renae 9:03 AM  

Preach on, Sister!

I didn't see the show but I agree. Oprah is very careful not to mention God. She does talk alot about wholistic and in touch and all the new age crap.

I saw these folks on the Today show and Matt Lauer looked uncomfy when they were talking about God too. I think some of our media is super freaked out about being labeled Jesus Freaks.

Melody 9:16 AM  

I am not really a big Oprah fan anymore and it really doesn't have much to do with here religion (another time) but I saw a video (on somebody's blog somewhere) of Oprah talking about her beliefs. I did not get the impression that she was a Christian. I got the impression she thought "all roads lead to heaven".

I also can't believe some of the things she has had on. Especially yesterday, I did not watch it but how misleading to state you have a pregnant man on your show when really it is a woman.

Ratings, ratings, ratings.

*carrie* 2:11 PM  


I've seen quite a few posts on this topic in the past few days, and watched part of the youtube video.

Regardless of how Oprah looked the other day, which I guess I didn't notice, I am thankful the families she interviewed spoke so articulately and genuninely about their faith!

Jen H 9:00 PM  

Nope, can't get into Oprah anymore. She doesn't 'speak' to me.

Jen H 9:00 PM  

Nope, can't get into Oprah anymore. She doesn't 'speak' to me.

Bubbi 7:48 AM  

Oprah is not a Christian. I dont watch her anymore--stopped almost 10 years ago. Until that time I did watch her on a regular basis.

I watched as she went from praising God/Jesus to a new ager.
Back then she spoke of this transformation.
The whole "God" is in us or is us thing.

Why she made this change--I do not remember but change she did. Her show then took off and she just got richer but none of her riches and fame will help her at that final moment we all must face.

forbesfamily06 1:19 PM  

I agree. Oprah is not a Christian. I too watch her shows when there is an interesting topic being discussed. I noticed her very uncomfortable looks when both families quoted scripture. Oprah is a conformist. She conforms to whatever will get her ratings and good reviews. While she does contribute to some very good causes and she does use her influence to help others, I wish she wouldn't make a point to publicize it whenever she does. Scripture reminds us that it is better to give in secret than to say, "Look at me and the good things I have done!" Scripture also tells us that God hates "lukewarm" Christians. I pray she will decide which side of the fence she is on soon (or maybe she already has). It is never good to deny the Lord. With much fame, power and riches comes even greater responsiblity.

Anonymous 8:59 PM  

I think you need to watch Oprah more often. On Tuesday, while interviewing Coach Vivian Stringer, Oprah said,"God is great." They were discussing the tragic events that occured in Coach Stringer's life and how God had helped her through it. Oprah didn't shy away from God, she said he was great.
So, I would suggest you and your friends leaving comments educate yourselves a little more, instead of being so judgemental and narrow-minded.

Jody 9:32 PM  

Maybe you need to do a bit more research yourself. She has said in the past that it doesn't matter what you call "it" and that there is no one way to Heaven.

And if you want to leave comments like this why not leave your name so we can have an actualy conversation instead of hiding behind anonymous.

Anonymous 10:47 PM  

I myself has in more ways than one denounced oprah. Anyone who is ashamed or cannot utter the name of Jesus in the presence of millions, no matter who is offended is a dangerous person. My bible tells about false prophets that will speak wonderful things and seem to have light in them and the whole world will wonder after these people. Has anyone seen how much influence Oprah has?

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