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Big Girl Beds Are On The Way!

>> Friday, April 18, 2008

Doug and I did a lot of searching for beds for the girls’ room. We looked at local furniture stores hoping for a nice set that wouldn't break our budget. Yeah, right. Sometimes this frugal stuff is tough.

So when we returned home Doug hit the Internet and found a great deal on eBay. Now, we don’t usually buy such expensive stuff as beds on eBay but the deal was just too great to pass up and the company had excellent feedback and great testimonials.

So we placed our order for white bunk beds with a trundle (after browsing their beautiful doll house beds and talking ourselves out of them more than a couple of times) and they will be here next week! Brenna is very excited!

If you’re looking for affordable good bunk beds or loft beds check out bunk-beds-loft-beds.com. Their site is so easy to navigate and they give you tons of info about the beds. Shipment is quick (we received notice of our bed leaving the warehouse about 36 hours after we placed the order) and assembly instructions for many of the beds are online- just so you know what you're getting yourself in to.

When Brenna is too old to share a room with Caelan, I’m thinking something like this will be perfect:

Too cool, right? Is it just me or is anyone else just jonesing to organize stuff in all those drawers and shelves?


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