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There's A Kid At My Door. That Only Means One Thing... It's Fundraiser Time. Ugh.

>> Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yesterday there was another kid at my door wanting to sell me something to raise money. At least it was something we could use- discounts at local restaurants. Thankfully it wasn’t wrapping paper or chocolates.

I guess I wasn’t involved in enough stuff at school to have to go out and raise money. Or did it not used to be this way? It seems like every activity has a fundraiser. Maybe if most of the money from our taxes didn’t go to admistration…

All I know is when the girls are beginning to get involved with activities and the subject of school fundraising comes up I’m gonna be pushing a company called SchoolPop.

With SchoolPop you register your school or organization, have people sign up and then you shop at your favorite stores (online and brick & mortar) to raise money.

No more sending the kids door to door, no more wrapping paper, no more popcorn, no more cookies. If you need to raise funds check this out. (They also have a sister site for churches and non-profits.)
Sponsored by SchoolPop


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