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What Are You Doing This Mother's Day

>> Friday, April 11, 2008

Thirty years ago on Mother’s Day my mom came home from the hospital with my youngest brother. I was 7 ½. I remember my mom saying that he was her Mother’s Day gift. I thought she got gypped. He didn’t do much, just sort of laid there, ate, pooped, slept… Normal baby stuff. He wasn’t sparkly like jewelry and he didn’t smell good like flowers.

Of course Justin grew up to be a good kid, spoiled as he was the baby, but a good kid. And every few years Justin gets to share his birthday with the day we honor our mothers. This is one of those years. Which provides a bit of a problem with the scheduling of what we do as a family.

Last year I had a big Mother’s Day brunch. I baked all kids of wonderful goodies and we all ate and had fun. We can’t do that this year because my SIL has some plans for my brother’s birthday.

The year before I made reservations all us “moms” (me, my sister, both my SILs and my mom) went to a tea house for a girlie lunch.

This year I’m thinking maybe a girl’s afternoon with pedicures and chocolate fondue at a local place.

Whatever we do, no mother’s day is complete without flowers. I usually order early from 1-800-flowers.com so I don’t forget as the date approaches.

Which reminds me, 1-800-flowers.com is having a contest- Celebrate Mom For Who She Is- with lots of great prizes. You pick a category, load a photo or a video and tell a story about why you celebrate your mom. It’s a really neat contest. Go over and check it out- even if you don’t enter.


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