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How Do People Do This?

>> Wednesday, April 16, 2008

While the girls and I were at a local park this evening I noticed quite a few children running around but only a couple of parents. I was a little concerned about this as some of the kids were not being very careful and were pushing smaller children.

My concern heightened when I saw a child tumble off a platform that was about 4 1/2 feet off the ground head first. And no parents checked to see if he was ok.

It wasn't until I looked at the parking lot that I noticed a handful of cars with parents in them talking on their phones or reading books or papers. Not one of them was paying attention to their children.

Now, I understand that my little suburb is very safe. I understand that the likelyhood of your child getting seriously injured is quite small. But I also know that things with kids happen very fast. There were lots of cars coming and going as there were half a dozen soccer practices and baseball practices going on. No one else on that playground would have known if it was a parent carting off a reluctant child or if your child was actually being taken against his will.

Oh, did I mention that none of these children were over the age of 6?

Am I overprotective? How do people do this?


Jen H 9:02 PM  

You didn't mention the little heathens were breaking a nest full of duck eggs all over the playground, so I will. Seriously, keep your eyes on your kids so you can correct their bad behavior before they become juvenile delinquents. Pathetic displays of parenting skills.

Marie 9:39 PM  

I've seen the same thing here, only worse. Last year I saw the "adult" in a group snoozing in the car. The kids were running wild & obviously needed supervision. The Mom I was with called 911.

I don't get it. I don't take my eyes off my son at playgrounds. I try to give him a little space & not hover, but I am always nearby. I'm sure as hell not in my car!!!

Cindy 11:09 PM  

This is really horrifying and I've seen it myself when I've had my grandson at the playground in the town where he lives. I noticed too that they had signs up telling parents to watch their kids. How pathetic is that?

Iowa Bob 2:50 AM  

Oh dear Jody, how can you be so mean... Don't you know that it takes a village to raise our children? Hey, doesn't that make the responsibility of watching "your" children the responsibility of the other villagers. Heck, Hillary's been driving this point for years, and sadly it sounds like too many people are actually listening.

We too live in a very safe small town. There is a new, very safe park two blocks from my house, and I am reluctant to let my daughter play with her friends there, and she is almost twelve. How anyone could let a six year old play without constant supervision is beyond me.

There's a lot of truth to the statement that parenthood is the hardest job in the world, yet the easiest one to get. If only there was a common sense test they needed to pass first......

Jennifer 8:25 AM  

Well if you're overprotective then so am I. Because just reading that my blood started to boil!

The Fritz Facts 9:22 AM  

I agree with Jen, lack of the parenting. It is hard for me to go to the park when parents don't watch their kids. I don't get it. I don't hover, and I also don't follow Boo around, but I do sit in a spot, outside not in the car) where I can see everthing. If there isn't that spot I walk around...to make sure she isn't hurt, need help or being a brat. I don't want some child hurt because of my child. That is what gets me.

Then there are the parents that know thier kids are misbehaving, and don't do anything about it. That drives me crazy. That happened last summer. Boo was playing with this little boy, and he hit her. I asked him to stop. Did it again. I went up to the mother, asked her to talk to her child and guess what she said "Oh he won't hurt her, he is just a rough little boy". Not even a minute later Boo was crying..not hurt her my butt. We left, and I made sure to tell the mother Boo would NOT being playing with her child again.

Grrrrr...here I go on a tangent again.

vw bug 9:31 AM  

I'm with Fritz (and you). My kids are 4 and 5, so I don't follow them around. But I do keep a close eye on them. I can't stand kids that hit or push and the parents don't do anything, I have been known to open my mouth and let the adult know what I think.

Tamara 10:37 AM  

when we were out at the park on Tuesday, I was right on the play toys with my son... guess I'm over protective too.

Melody 9:04 AM  

I don't think there is anything wrong with overprotective especially in this day and age. If I take my children to the park I sit on the bench and watch them.

The unsupervision seems to gt worse the older they get too. I won't even let my 16 year old out of the house unless I know where he is going and what he is doing. Since we live in a small town kids tend to just "hang" out. I don't see a reason for my child to wander the streets with nothing to do. That just leads to trouble.

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