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>> Wednesday, April 02, 2008

OK ladies, if you’re single and looking for a guy who makes a good wage and will thank God every day that you chose him, look no further than a geek.

Global Knowledge in conjunction with TechRepublic conducted some polls, compiled the data and recently released the “2008 IT Skills and Salary Report”. (You can get the PDF of the IT Salary Survey right here.)

I looked through this report and was happy to notice that Doug is above average (which I knew but don’t let him know often as he’s pretty sure of himself and I don’t want him to get an inflated ego- his employers tell him enough) and that the salaries don’t vary much no matter what part of the country you reside.

A couple of sections that caught my eye- and that I will share with Doug- are “Top 10 Tech Skills You Should Develop” and “10 Tech Certifications that Actually Mean Something”. I know Doug has many of the skills and certifications... But in IT you have to keep learning or you get left behind.


That Girl 9:47 PM  

Great as the salary is, my supergeek is about ready to take his IT job and shove it after working 12 hour shifts 7 days a week for over a month. Money loses it's savor when you're a sleep deprived thinker. Makes ya wish you weren't salaried.

Bear Bites 12:48 AM  

Crap - I married Larry the cable guy.

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