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Just to Say Hi

>> Friday, April 25, 2008

Not long ago I saw the greatest “thank you” card from a wedding. The bride and groom, during their wedding photos, had a picture taken of them holding a big sign that said “Thank You”. Inside the card they had written a bit about how much it meant to them for the guests to share their special day.

I was blown away by that card. It was simple and beautiful and you could see that the couple put a lot of thought into every aspect of their wedding.

Of course Doug and I are almost 5 years removed from our vows and we have kids but I thought a photo card of all of us taken somewhere from our lives, maybe our backyard or a park, would also make a great “Thinking of you” card or even a “Just to Say Hi” card. I think this one would be perfect with an outdoor photo:

Anymore it is so easy to create your own Photo Cards and the cost is no more than a nice card that you would buy from the store, so why not?

At Cards Direct you can personalize any cards, inside and out, so they say just what you want. Because, honestly, it’s easier for me to create the perfect card than to find it in the store.


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