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I'd Take Me Some Global Warming Right About Now

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Seriously... It's cold enough here for heavy sweaters, hats and mittens. The wind is brisk (to put it mildly) and my girls are bouncing off the walls. We went for a short (in distance) but long (in actual time) walk just to get some energy burnt off.

And the rest of the week isn't holding much promise. Argh.

And this morning we wake to thick frost. Brenna thought it had snowed. Good thing I hadn't planted any flowers yet. Think it will kill the dandilions in my flower bed?


Jennifer 5:32 PM  

Here too. Two days ago I was in shorts and a tank top, flipflops and got a sunburn, today.. I'm wishing I hadn't put away all my winter stuff!

Birdie 10:13 PM  

oh man! I'm so sorry. It's gorgeous here. Come on over.

Birdie 6:03 AM  

oh, come on over to the maple and scavenger hunt for a pair of beaded flip flops & matching earrings (think spring). If I told you this already, you'll have to forgive me. *S*

Marie 6:30 AM  

Really. We had many days of gorgeous "shorts" weather. Then yesterday, cold & rainy. We went to storytime & did games and puzzles inside. Felt like a flashback to winter!

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