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Happy Prom, Kids!

>> Friday, April 11, 2008

How far will your school go to ensure a fun and safe prom? Well, a school board in Arizona has decided to put condoms in the goodie bags along with balloons and candy.

Yep, two condoms in each goodie bag.

I'm pretty sure the "logic" that went with this decision was along the lines of "Well, they're gonna do it anyway,let's just promote safe sex."

Well, that's just what my grandpa would call "bass-ackward". Schools should not be in the business of teaching or promoting any kind of sex. But, because they are, parents don't teach their children anything. It's a vicious cycle and, unfortunately, the schools are winning. Or should I say the government is winning.

I guess my moral to this story is:

Know what is going on at your kid's school. Be involved. Object to things you don't agree with. Loudly.

Because I really don't want to read a story about an extraordinary number of babies being born 9 months after this prom and "What happened? We gave them condoms?"


The Fritz Facts 7:08 PM  

That just makes me nervous. The way schools step into the responsibilities of the parents. I can only hope this doesn't travel up to Minnesota. I don't know if I could handle that.

Birdie/That Girl 10:55 PM  

Wait, they have goodie bags at proms? Let me think..who's paying for that lovely two pack of condoms? The PTA? Better NOT be the tax payers!

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