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Budget Formal? An Oxymoron?

>> Thursday, April 03, 2008

My cousin had her first formal dance last week. She’s not a girly girl nor does her family have a lot of money to buy her an expensive dress. She ended up wearing a silver dress that her stepsister had worn years ago- along with silver everything else (shoes, bag, accessories). I didn’t see the finished product but I do wonder if she looked like she was trying to signal someone from a planet far, far away.

The next time she needs any Formal Dresses I’m going to sit down with her and look at the options at ElegantMart.com. They have some really pretty dresses in great colors- many modest enough for a school function- for great prices. I may even buy it in trade for babysitting. As long as her parents don’t accessorize it.

With proms coming up I gotta recommend this site. The dresses are way below retail stores.


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