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Dry and Cloudy- And I'm Not Talking About the Weather

>> Tuesday, April 01, 2008

For some reason my eyes just aren’t focusing today. I’m not sure what it is but my eyesight just feels foggy and my contacts feel scratchy. I should probably go upstairs and take them out but I don’t see so sharply out of my glasses due to my astigmatism. And the reflection from the compluter screen only adds to the annoyance of wearing them. Besides, I really hate how I look in glasses. And I tend to be pretty vain- even if I'm not leaving the house.

With all these issues I should really order new contacts but to do that I need to get an eye exam first. And I’m kind of putting that off right now because we just started our HSA and I know there is a large bill on it’s way soon from Caelan’s well baby visit and two shots as well as an upcoming dermatologist appointment for me. So the cost of an eye exam (not so expensive), new glasses (insanely expensive) and new contacts (not as expensive if I use a company like JustLenses.com) is a bit much right now.

So I still haven’t spoken to an optometrist about acuvue oasys contacts and if they will work with my astigmatism. I see so many reviews saying how comfortable they are and how they keep your eyes moist so I am really interested in trying them- if they will work for me.


That Girl 5:41 PM  

my sil just got some kind of virus in her eyes which caused sudden & temp. blindness! My brother had to go get her from work even - scary. Then I was watching Jon & Kate plus 8 and Jon got a scratch on his cornea from his contacts... ended up with an infection. I hope your eyes stay healthy!

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