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You Wouldn't Drive Across the Country Without a Map, Would You?

>> Monday, July 14, 2008

OK, so I may be looking a bit ahead but it’s always good to have plans, right? We may only be on “baby step two” but we’re looking ahead to number four: investing our income. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t quit saving for our retirement but we have decreased our investments until our bills are gone.

When we are investing at full force we should be able to get our IRAs and SEPs maxxed out each year pretty easily. Then we’ll be looking in to some serious asset wealth management with a top rated company like Northern Trust (AA by Standard & Poor’s).

When it comes to making sure you can keep up your lifestyle after you retire you want someone who can imagine your dreams right along with you- and advise you of the correct path to take you there. Because it’s wise to have plans- but it’s even more wise to have a navigator to get you there.


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