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I'm Back!

>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Those Qwest locations in the mall actually come in handy! Doug was able to get a new DSL modem last night. Unfortunately when we got it hooked up there was an outage in our area. Arrgghh!

But I'm back now and trying to get caught up. So many emails to answer and blogs to visit.

But the garage sale stuff needs to come first. Lots of things I need to check online for an idea of pricing. My dad moved and is unloading a lot of art his ex-wife left. Of course the woman lived to spend money so I know she overspent and he's not going to recoup much of that cash.

It'snot even funny how full my garage is- and there are still 3 people who have stuff to bring! It better not rain because some of it has to go outside! If you're in my area and want to see what I've got leave me a comment or drop me an email and I'll get the newly updated Craigs List link to you!


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