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And Another Week Begins- PLUS: I Want Your Input

>> Monday, July 07, 2008

You would think that since I spent all day yesterday sleeping I would have had trouble sleeping last night and would have been up before the sun. Well, you would think wrong. I had no trouble sleeping last night and probably could have slept well into today if I had let myself.

Knowing that I dragged my butt out of bed when I woke at 5:30am, got dressed and took the dog for a brisk 1 1/2 mile walk. And it felt good. As it always does. I don't know why I fight it... I always feel better when I get out of bed and get moving right away.

And now it's time to get on with the day. After such a long and busy weekend I have lots to catch up on- mostly laundry. Throw in a few errands (post office, grocery shopping and a stop by the church office) and I have a full day.


If you've made it this far I'm going to share a bit of a gripe with you because, honestly, I want to know if I'm in the wrong.

Once a month I scrapbook. Usually it's on a Saturday evening but, once in a while, the place I go has a 7 hour Sunday scrap. I always tell Doug in advance that I am booking it, just to see if it conflicts with any plans. And I usually book 2-3 weeks in advance (because that is the only way I can make plans).

Now, Doug usually has enough on his mind that he forgets what is on our calendar (which is conveniently online and he has access to) so he will often ask what we have going on if something comes up.

OK, so Doug tells me that he got a call from his cousin yesterday that next Sunday (in one week) they are holding a family gathering.

I told Doug that I had my plans in place for a month (as well as my seat paid for) and people were planning to meet me, so I wasn't going to his cousin's; he could take the girls if he wanted to.

Here's my question: Am I being unreasonable? Should I cancel plans I had made for an impromptu gathering? Is it unreasonable to expect more notice than a week? (I've always been a plan-ahead kind of person if I expect people to come)

Tell me what you think... Because I think Doug was a bit annoyed with me...


Melody 9:12 AM  

I don't think it is unreasonable to explain to the cousins that you had prior plans and couldn't make it. I have gone to parties without my husband and vice versa.

lila 9:33 AM  

I have always planned and am down right anal about being organized. Nothing wrong with that, right?

The only problem for me is that I do not do well with spontanious events that knock me off schedule.

Ok--all of that and I have no answer for you. Im not sure what I would do (go to my scrap day)is the right way.

You know--the whole family thinkg vs whatever.
Sorry--I am NO help.

Jill 11:03 AM  

I'm with you - I'd stick with the scrapping. Unless, of course, the cousin's is more fun. At our house, immediate family plans take precedence over extended family plans.

Me 11:43 AM  

My personal rule of thumb: prior plans usually outweigh spontaneous ones, unless the circumstances are such that: 1) The importance of the spontaneous plans (for example, a funeral), or 2) The accessibility of the people involved (for example, an important family member who lives across the country is in town, or someone who absolutely NEVER has time in his/her schedule suddenly gets a free day) dictates otherwise.

Marie 12:15 PM  

Once-a-month "me" time is certainly pretty darn sacred.. (coming from someone who's had very little of it lately). Though if they're cousins you don't see often & you really want to, then maybe you can transfer your scrap session $ to another time? I like "Me"'s response above...

The Fritz Facts 12:57 PM  

Oh I would keep my plans, definitly.

Hubby's sister is always planning things at the last minute, and I got sick of changing things around. We now have a firm rule that pre set plans come first, and that if people can't plan more in advance it is not our fault. I am so anal about planning in advance.

Two weeks notice is a more than reasonable expectation, and anything less is sort of rude in my mind.

Anonymous 5:59 PM  

It's tough. Kind of depends on the circumstances, but we have split up before if I had something to do. Either way, you're going to feel bad.

Anonymous 12:55 PM  

Judging from how old this post is, you can see how behind I am reading my favorite blogs.

Anyway ... I have to agree with the others ... keep your plans. It's not like you made them after you knew about the gathering.

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