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Need a Fancy Car?

>> Monday, July 07, 2008

When you travel as much as we do you tend to do lots of research. I have hundreds of websites, travel articles, brochures… You name it, I’ve got it. Because it pays to know all your options.

One thing I do a lot of research on is car rental. After our last snafu in Ireland it’s a must. And for that I have a lot of references.

A new one that I added is Advantage Rent a Car. They popped on to my radar because we are possibly planning a trip to Las Vegas for a wedding and right now Advantage has a 50% discount on luxury and convertible car rentals.

Another positive of Advantage is the fact that they do one way rentals; not many car rental agencies do that anymore. This is especially great if you want to road trip for only part of your vacation.


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