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If You're Card Shopping

>> Friday, July 25, 2008

I’ve been writing about our debt and our goal to be out of it within the next 12 months. As ashamed as I am to admit it, much of our debt does involve credit cards. It doesn’t matter how or why, it’s just fact.

While the advisor we follow does not condone card-swapping (trading a high interest card for a zero interest card) I completely understand the desire to do so- especially when you have really high interest rates.

If you absolutely must have a Credit Card do your search with CardHub.com. I tried it out and it’s very easy. On the left side of the page you just choose what you want in a credit card (low rates, no annual fees, and what network you wish to work with). As you narrow down the choices CardHub narrows down your selections. And the selections are right there in front of you as you go. Really, it's quite nice.

My only problem was that I was left with one card choice after leaving open all networks but Discover- and that choice was American Express. Not much of a choice if I were searching for a Credit Card. But with one click of an intro rate button I had more choices, so it’s easy to modify your search.


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