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An Irish Christmas

>> Friday, July 18, 2008

I’m picking out the photos for our Christmas Cards this weekend.

Don’t freak out- your calendar isn’t wrong; it is still July. But it’s the end of July. In a week and a half it will be August. And just a couple short weeks after that school will begin. Then there will be tumbling and Spanish classes to get to, lots and lots of birthdays (4 in our family- ha! That’s all of us! And about 7 more in extended family), a couple of holidays, and BAM! It’s Thanksgiving and the Christmas cards aren’t ordered!

So, again, I’m picking out the photos for out Christmas Cards this weekend. We’ve got some really nice family shots from Ireland that I want to put on a photo card.

Yes, you read that right- I am not using “Christmas” photos on my cards. Who says you have to? In fact I was checking out the tips page at www.christmascardsdirect.com/tips and they have that little tidbit plus a lot of other photo taking tips you may not have thought of.

So the next time the kids are out playing snap some pictures. Who knows- they may end up on your Christmas cards!


The Fritz Facts 10:17 PM  

I always use a picture from the summer. It is so much brighter, and really stands out. Plus, then I can order in September...

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