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A... Ummm, O... No Maybe It's A Q

>> Friday, July 04, 2008

It’s past time for my annual eye exam. Every year I go to the eye doctor and every year my eyes get just a little worse. So every year I get more powerful contacts and glasses.

Doug, my brother-in-law Jon, and quite a few of my friends have had LASIK. I’m pretty jealous of that as I would love to live without the daily hassle of contacts. Unfortunately, due to my sever astigmatism and thin corneas, I am not a candidate (20-25% of people aren’t). I visited a very well respected eye surgeon in Minneapolis. When they told me no they gave me specific reasons why LASIK was not a viable option for me.

Oh, I am a candidate for eye surgery, just not the painless kind (like LASIK) or the bladeless kind (like LASIK). Nope, the kind of surgery I qualify for has more chances of complication, a longer healing time, uses a knife and is quite painful.

Ummm, no thanks. I suppose I’ll just wait for eye transplants or permanent contacts. (Surely those things are on the horizon).

If you’re lucky enough to be a candidate for LASIK I urge you to get all the LASIK information you can. Because you don’t want to get caught by an unethical eye doctor who says the surgeon he works with can do LASIK on anyone. (Oh, yes, I had an eye doctor tell me that. We never went to him again.)

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The Fritz Facts 10:35 PM  

I wish I could afford lasiks...would be so fabulous. But, until then I will keep getting my fun funky glasses. That makes me happy.

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